Content Strategy | UX

Hardware Supplier Website

RFP response for a website and customer experience redesign.


Making hardware shopping easier

A national hardware supplier released an RFP for a back-end restructure and a website refresh.
Our response applied UX principles to our overall creative approach.

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Heuristic Evaluation

Step one was to explore the existing website and consider where there was room for improvement in structure and flow. The client had a huge amount of information that ranged from retail items to services to how-to videos, but didn’t consistently apply accepted UX practices, making things hard to find and surfacing some unexpected menu behavior.

Persona Development

Based on similar previous work, I developed three personae of typical site users. I considered their work styles and location, touchpoints, and buying behaviors to support our suggestions for restructuring the content and adding potential new features.

HDSupply Creative Inserts v4_TH.jpg

HD screen 1.jpg

Wireframe Sketches

Due to the short timeline to respond, I relied on old-school pencil-sketches for the wire frames I shared with the designer. For our presentation to the client, we focused on what we felt were the highest-impact screens: Home page, Shopping Lists, Cart/Purchase, and Purchase Confirmation, highlighting features such as shared lists, notifications, featured products/special discounts, and educational/regulatory information.


We won the creative design and development work for this client based on our approach and understanding of their customer base.